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Zaid b. Arqam narrates that doors of some of the companions opened in the mosque which served as a passage to the mosque. The Prophet (s.a.w.a.) ordered to close all the doors except the door of Ali’s house. So people objected to it. The Prophet (s.a.w.a.) rose, praised Allah and declared – I have ordered to close all the doors except door of Ali and you people object to it. By Allah! I did not do it on my own accord, rather I was ordered by Allah Himself and I only followed His Command.
Sunan Kubra v 7 p 422 Musnad Ahmad v 4 p 329 Al-Mustadrak Alaa Al-Sahihain v 3 p 125 Majma' al-Zawaaed v 9 p 114 al-Bedaayah Wa al-Nehaayah v 5 p 456 Riyaaz al-Nazarah v 4 p 136

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