Jamadiul Ula

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Date Hijri Event
5 6 Weladat-e-Bibi Hazrat Zainab S.A.
6 7 Jung-e-Mauta
14 11 Shahadat Janabe Zahra S.A.
15 Weladat-e-Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedeen A.S.
22 1400 Shahadat-e-Ayatulla Baqir as Sadr R.A.
27 8 Amul Feel Wafat-e-Hazrat Abdul Muttalib A.S.
29 329 Wafat-e-Mohammad ibn Usman Samri R.A. (1st Naeb of Imam-e-Zamana A.S.)

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