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Imam Husain b. Ali (a.s.) narrates from his mother Fatima (s.a.) who said:

Allah’s Messenger (s.a.w.a.) came out on the evening of the Day of Arafah and addressed the Muslims: Allah has boasted about you to His Angels and He has forgiven you generally and has forgiven (Shias of) Ali specifically.

Verily I am the Messenger of Allah and I am not impressed with you just because you are from my nation or my companions or my family.

This is Jibrail and he informs me that those who are truly fortunate are the ones who love Ali in my life and after my death.
Bashaarah al-Mustafa Le Shiah al-Murtaza v 2 p 149 Kashf al-Yaqeen Fi Fazaael Ameeril Momineen (a.s.) p 232 Al-Manaaqeb v 3 p 199 Behaar al-Anwaar v 39 p 257, 276

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