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The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) informed: And when I saw her, I remembered what shall be done to her after me. It is as if I am seeing her while degradation has entered her house, her sanctity has been violated, her rights have been usurped. She has been deprived of her inheritance, her ribs are broken and her fetus has miscarried while she cries out, O Mohammad! But none answers her! Then she seeks refuge but none grants refuge to her.

After me, she shall continuously grieve sorrowfully and cry. Sometimes she shall remember the cutting of revelation from her house and at other times she shall remember my separation from her. When night shall fall upon her, she shall feel a sense of loneliness because she shall miss my voice which she used to hear when I used to recite the Holy Quran during the night prayers. Then she shall see herself humiliated after she was honored and respected during the days of her father.

At this juncture Allah shall make her feel comfortable with the angels.

Then she shall call out to them like Maryam (s.a.) had called out then they shall say, O Fatima! Surely Allah has chosen you and has purified you and has chosen you over all of the women of the Worlds!

O Fatima! Worship your lord and prostrate and genuflect with those who genuflect. Then she (s.a.) shall be afflicted with pain then she shall become ill. Allah Mighty and Majestic be He shall send Maryam bint Imran (s.a.) as a nurse for her and to be friendly to her in her illness.

At this she shall say, O my Lord! Surely I am tired of living! And I am fed up of the people of the world. Make me join my father! Then Allah shall make her join me.

Then she shall be the first to join me from my family members.

She shall come to me in a state of grief, sorrow, mourning, usurped, martyred.

Then I shall say! O Allah! Curse the one who has oppressed her! Punish the one who has usurped her rights! Degrade the one who has tried to degrade her! Throw him into eternal fire who has struck her side to the extent that she had a miscarriage then the angels shall say, Ameen!
Al-Amaali p 68-71Behaar al-Anwaar v 28 p 37-40

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