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The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) informed: On the night of Me’raaj, I did not pass through any of the skies or any of its layers without finding it filled with noble angels calling me and saying:

O Mohammad! Enjoy what Allah gave no one before you and no one after you. You were given Ali b. Abi Talib as a brother; Fatema, his wife, as a daughter; Hasan and Husain as sons; and their lovers, as your Shia.

O Mohammad! You are the best of the prophets; Ali is the best of successors; Fatema is the Master of All the Worlds’ Women; Hasan and Husain are the most respected of all of those who enter Paradise; and their Shia are the best of people on the Day of Judgement. They (their Shia) will gather in the rooms of Paradise, its palaces, and its parks.

The angels continued saying this while I was going up until I came back down. If it was not for Allah preventing this from being heard, everyone, from among the people and the Jinn, would have heard it.
Ghaayah al-Maraam p 166

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