What is Ashura?

Reading Time: 2 minutes This is the question of Prophet Moosa (a.s.) to Allah when he was informed about Ashura. And Allah’s reply to the question serves as a reminder about the importance of this Day in Islam and […]


Is ‘Every day Ashoora’?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many Shias from both classes – the common folks and the scholars – consider the slogan ‘Every day is Ashoora, every land is Karbala’ as Hadith Qudsi or authentic tradition from the Ahle Bait (a.s.) […]


Ziyaarat-e-Aashoora – A Divine Salutation

Reading Time: 17 minutes Ziyaarat–e-Aashoora and the supplication recited after it, which is famous as Dua-e-Alqamah, are reliable narrations which cannot be rejected. Their presence in ancient and authentic Shia books shows that scholars, traditionalists and theologians have been […]