1. Video appears to show top Saddam deputy: Iraq
    Baghdad: A video posted online Saturday purports to show Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, the highest ranking member of Saddam Hussein’s ousted regime still at large, lashing out against Iraq’s Shiite-led government.
  2. KSA to execute 25 Indonesian maids for alleged crimes
    The Saudi Arabian regime has ruled to execute 25 Indonesian maids working in the kingdom over alleged crimes, a report says.
  3. Syria wants ‘guarantees’ for troop pullout
    Armed opposition says it is committed to peace plan but rejects government’s demand for “written guarantees”.
  4. Imam Ali letter to be translated into 12 languages
    Iranian cleric praised the letter of Imam Ali (AS) to his governor saying the letter will be translated into 12 languages including Swahili, English, French, Portuguese, German and Swedish.
  5. G-B violence aftermath: More than 30 people still missing, 12 foreigners also stranded
    More than 30 people are being held captive in Nagar Valley for the past four days following an outbreak of sectarian violence in Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) that has already claimed at least 20 lives and injured 50 others. Meanwhile, G-B police, district administration, Rangers and G-B Scouts submitted a report regarding the unrest in the region to the federal government for necessary action.
  6. Pakistan Law enforcement Agencies arrests Shia leader Agha Rahat Hussain, shifts to unknown place
    Shia leader Agha Rahat Hussaini has been detained by Law enforcement Agencies of Pakistan and shifted to unknown place, according to reports.
  7. Bahrain not to transfer jailed activist
    Rejects request from Copenhagen to hand over Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, who is also a Danish citizen.
  8. Situation of Pakistani Shi’as Worse than Palestine and Bahraini People
    According to reports Shia Muslims of Gilgit-Baltistan province now lives under siege. Curfew has been imposed for last four days. All sorts of communication system including transport and mobile phone system have been jammed. Tens of innocent Shi’as arrested. According to informed sources there are footprints of government behind the massacre of Shi’a Muslims.
  9. 1st Exhibition of Islamic Books Held at Shi’a Islamic School in Brazil
    The Islamic books were displayed for the first time at the Shi’a Islamic School of Sao Paolo city in Brazil last week.
  10. Saudi Sunni group slams any insult to Shia Muslims
    Some Sunni scholars rebuked head of the Lawyers Union in Saudi Arabia for insulting to Shias.