1. Americans Rally against US Warmongering against Iran
    Scores of Occupy Movement protestors staged a rally in New York city to voice opposition to the US war rhetoric against Iran.
  2. Thousands of Saudi Shi’a protesters hold anti-government rally in Qatif
    Thousands of Saudi protesters have staged a fresh anti-government demonstration in the eastern city of Qatif despite a violent crackdown on protests in the oil-rich region
  3. A Pakistani Shia Man, His wife and Son Martyred in Wana Explosion
    A Frontier Corps Shia personal, his wife and son on Friday martyred when a bomb fixed in a radio set exploded at the Wana Scouts Camp in sub-division Wana of South Waziristan Agency.
  4. Annan takes Syria peace plan to Russia
    MOSCOW — Syrian peace envoy Kofi Annan arrived in Moscow on Saturday to gauge how far Russia was willing to push its Arab ally after joining a UN call on regime forces to pull back from protest cities.
  5. Iraq prison staff detained over jailbreak
    SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq — An Iraqi police official says prison officials and guards have been detained after 17 prisoners including 10 al-Qaida-affiliated detainees broke out of jail in a northern Iraqi city.
  6. Tear gas kills two Bahrainis
    A man and a woman died of asphyxiation caused by tear gas grenades fired by Bahrain’s security forces to disperse protests in Shia villages, the country’s main opposition group said on Saturday.
  7. Religious tourism: Stake in first five-star hotel in Karbala up for grabs
    KARACHI: A Dubai-based real estate developer is looking for investors from Pakistan for the first five-star luxury hotel and residences project in the holy city of Karbala, Iraq.
  8. Iraq hopes for boost by hosting Arab summit
    BAGHDAD — Iraqi officials are hoping that hosting the first Arab League summit since the wave of revolutions that swept through the Middle East and North Africa will increase their country’s standing in the region.
  9. Europe bishops slam Saudi fatwa against Gulf churches
    (Reuters) – Christian bishops in Germany, Austria and Russia have sharply criticized Saudi Arabia’s top religious official after reports that he issued a fatwa saying all churches on the Arabian Peninsula should be destroyed.