1. ‘Iran oil exports increase in January despite sanctions’
    Recent data released by the Joint Organization Data Initiative (JODI) shows that Iranian crude export has increased in January despite sanctions imposed against the country’s oil sector.
  2. ‘Heavy fighting’ shakes Syrian capital
    Gunfire and explosions rock Damascus neighbourhood, a day after a deadly car bomb killed three in city of Aleppo.
  3. Bahrain opposition seeks talks ‘consensus’
    Opposition says any talks with government must be preceded by “guarantees of seriousness” and include jailed leaders.
  4. A document confirming the movement of Saudi forces to Syria via Jordan
    A diplomatic source who preferred anonymity told the “alternative” news of Jordan, which appeared in the European media about the movement of equipment and military vehicles from Saudi Arabia to Syria via Jordan.
  5. Thousands of Bahrainis attend funeral of anti-regime protester
    Thousands of Bahrainis have attended the funeral procession of an anti-discrimination protester martyred by Saudi-backed regime forces near the capital, Manama.
  6. Saudi, Iraq sign deal to repatriate prisoners
    DUBAI – Iraq has agreed to repatriate Saudi prisoners who fought alongside insurgents against US-led forces under a deal that signals further improvement of relations between the two countries.
  7. Experts sent by Annan have arrived in Syria
    GENEVA — A team of experts dispatched by UN-Arab League special envoy Kofi Annan has arrived in Syria, where they will remain until progress is made on a monitoring operation to end the bloodshed, a spokesman said on Monday.
  8. Iraqis demand better services on war anniversary
    BASRA, Iraq — Followers of the anti-American Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr on Monday demanded better living conditions in Iraq on the ninth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of their country.
  9. Iraq’s Sadr stages Shia show of force before summit
    BASRA – Up to a million followers of Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr took to the streets on Monday in a massive show of force before an Arab League summit which Iraq’s long-oppressed Shia majority view as their debut on the regional stage.
  10. Foreign money may bother Kazmi
    NEW DELHI: S M A Kazmi, the journalist arrested for his alleged role in the Israeli car blast in the capital, and his wife may face a money laundering case if alleged foreign remittances of over Rs 21 lakh to their bank accounts turn out to be illegal, say sources in the Enforcement Directorate (ED) investigating genuineness of the transfers.