1. Cold kills 35 Afghan children in northeast
    KABUL – Severe cold weather has killed 35 children in the past two days in northeastern Afghanistan, an official said Monday.
  2. Israel won’t warn US before Iran strike
    Israeli officials say they won’t warn the US if they decide to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, according to one US intelligence official familiar with the discussions.
  3. Budget for Armored Cars Riles Iraqis
    Iraq’s legislature approved the largest budget in the country’s history last week, at $100 billion, but it is a single item in an addendum that has Iraqis fuming: a provision to purchase armored vehicles for members of parliament.
  4. Syria says 90% of voters backed new constitution
    BEIRUT – Syrian authorities said Monday that almost 90 percent of voters had approved a government-backed draft constitution, while an opposition group reported that scores were killed in a “massacre” in the conflict-torn central city of Homs.
  5. Holding F1 in Bahrain means fuel with martyr’s blood: Bahrain Opposition Leader
    Senior Bahrain Opoosisin leader Saeed Shehabi Twitted that EU has failed to stand up to its obligations towards its tortured citizens. A.Hadi Al Khawaja and S. Mohamad Habib is disgraceful.
  6. Bahraini forces injure anti-discrimination protesters
    Several Bahraini protesters have been injured in an attack by security forces on a demonstration against the Al Khalifa regime in the village of Dair.
  7. Bahrain: Committee issues vague recommendations in 11 cases out of nearly 1000, arbitrary arrests and torture continue
    The committee set by the Supreme Judicial Council revealed that 502 persons were convicted by the Military court up until Oct 2011 in 165 different cases, and another 437 cases which were referred from the Military Prosecution to the Public Prosecution in Oct 2011 are still open.
  8. U.S. e-mails on Israel/Iran plans leaked
    LONDON, Feb. 27 (UPI) — WikiLeaks says it will publish internal e-mails detailing U.S. intelligence analysis of a purported Israeli plan to attack Iran some agents call a “diversion.”
  9. Oil falls after recent surge despite supply fear
    (Reuters) – Oil prices pulled back on Monday after a string of higher settlements as concerns that high oil prices might curb economic growth, along with the stronger dollar, countered supportive fears about Iran and potential supply disruptions.
  10. Culprits seized in Najaf
    NAJAF / Aswat al-Iraq : Najaf Security Commission announced today the arrest of the attackers against religious leadership representatives in Kufa city.