1. Iran has “new initiatives” for talks with powers
    VIENNA – Iran, facing severe sanctions to bar it from exporting oil, has told world powers it wants to resume long-stalled talks quickly with “new initiatives” in hand, and France said Tehran may now be open to addressing concerns about its nuclear quest.
  2. China to send envoy to Syria for ‘peaceful’ solution
    BEIJING — China said on Thursday it is sending an envoy to Syria to push for a “peaceful” end to the conflict there, after drawing condemnation for vetoing a resolution condemning a crackdown on protesters.
  3. Pakistani Shia Cleric ‘Sadaqat Hussain’ Shot Martyred by Wahhabi Terrorists
    Pakistani Shia cleric Maulana Sadaqat Hussain shot martyred by Wahhabi terrorists in Liaquatabad.
  4. 1st Shia Digital Library Launched in China
    The first Shia digital library in Chinese language was launched by a Chinese preacher.
  5. Bahrain Medics Still at Risk
    On the one-year anniversary of the uprising in Bahrain, a lawyer continues her fight for medics arrested and tortured for treating protestors injured by police—in demonstrations where women have played a key role.
  6. Bahrain Opposition Vows More Rallies, Regime Stages Arrests Campaign
    Bahrain opposition pledged to keep up its rallies against regime, hours after security forces clashed with demonstrators, staging a campaign of arrests including rights activists and foreigners.
  7. Syrian President Assad Sets Date for Constitution Referendum, Russia Welcomes
    Syria President Bashar Assad set on Wednesday February 26 as a date for referendum on the draft Constitution.
  8. Bahrain forces arrest 15 teenagers
    Saudi-backed regime forces in Bahrain have launched nightly raids on homes in a flashpoint eastern town, detaining 15 teenagers.
  9. Saudi Wahhabi Security Forces Detained and Severely Tortured Some Shiite Youths
    On 15 February 2012 , Saudi security forces chased two Shiite youths riding a motorcycle, and arrested tow others. They severely tortured them.