1. Bahraini revolution Coalition is preparing for a “volcano of wrath” to free the female detainees
    The 14th of February Bahraini Coalition welcomed the success of the dawn of freedom, and threatened the Bahraini regime with a devastating hurricane for it and its economy if it continues to arrest women.
  2. Bomber dies in failed suicide attack near Quetta
    A man blew himself up in a failed suicide bombing on Saturday in Pakistan’s southwest, where a recent surge in sectarian unrest has killed dozens of Shia Muslims.
  3. Pakistani Shia Justice Escapes in Attack of Wahhabis, His Friend Martyred
    Former Justice of Sindh High Court Justice (r ) Syed Zawar Hussain Jaffari on Friday remained unhurt in the assassination attempt of armed terrorists belong to anti-Islam Wahhabi sect.
  4. Wahhabi terrorists dishonor Hadhrat Abbas flags & attack Shia Muslim Houses
    The Wahhabi terrorists on Friday dishonored the banners and flags of Abul fazal Abbas (as) at Gujrat village of District Muzaffargarh, Southern Punjab.
  5. African Senior Shia Cleric Speaks on the Merit of Arafat Day
    The Leader of the African Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky explains the merit of the 9th of Dhul Hijjah.
  6. Egyptian Grand Mufti Bans Demolition of Sacred Shrines
    Prominent Egyptian Muftis slammed the demolition of sacred places and holy Shia shrines by extremists.
  7. US urges Bahrainis to exercise restraint
    The US State Department yesterday urged all sides in Bahrain to exercise restraint amid clashes yesterday between the authorities and protesters over the death of a key opposition leader’s father.
  8. Seminar against killing of Hazara people in Balochistan
    Progressive people of Punjab and Hazara passed a joint resolution demanding the government carry out a ‘targeted operation’ like Karachi against the religious extremists involved in killing of Hazara Shiites in Balochistan, which is the only way to resolve this problem in the province.
  9. Bahrain ‘to free’ Iraqi footballer
    A young Iraqi footballer sentenced to a year in jail and deportation for alleged involvement in pro-reform protests in Bahrain is to be released today, his father said.
  10. Haj pilgrims gather on Mount Arafat
    Wearing white robes to symbolise purity and equality under God, more than 2 million Muslims yesterday climbed Mount Arafat, 19km outside Mecca, for one of the key events of the five-day haj.