News: 17-Apr-10

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  1. Kyrgyz president formally resigns after turmoil
    (Reuters) – Deposed President Kurmanbek Bakiyev formally resigned in a handwritten letter sent to Kyrgyzstan’s new leaders on Friday, allaying fears of civil war in the strategic Central Asian country.
  2. Seven killed in Saudi flash floods
    Six members of a family have lost their lives in flash floods that hit southwestern Saudi Arabia as heavy rains continue to plague the kingdom.
  3. An American shoe company produced “Allah” printed shoes + PIC
    Production of the shoes with the printed names of Allah and holly Prophet on them angers the Muslims.
  4. Terrorist attacked Shia in a Pakistani hospital
    Several innocent people, some Shia were among them, Martyred in a terrorist attack this morning in Quetta.
  5. Pakistan Unlikely to Act on Bhutto Report, UN Envoy Haroon Says
    April 17 (Bloomberg) — Pakistan is unlikely to take steps to address the security and judicial failures detailed in a report on the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, the nation’s envoy to the United Nations said.
  6. US Entrepreneurship Summit To Focus On Muslim Ties
    Some 250 delegates from more than 50 countries will gather this month, along with senior US government officials and business leaders, for a Summit on Entrepreneurship that aims to bolster ties to Muslim communities, the White House said on Friday.
  7. Muslim voters may hold the key to UK election
    LONDON // They form only a small percentage of the electorate yet, paradoxically, it could be Britain’s Muslims who determine the outcome of next month’s general election.
  8. Iraqi PM says next government has to include Sunnis
    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq’s incumbent Shi’ite Muslim prime minister said the next government to be formed after an inconclusive election in March had to include the Sunni-backed coalition that won the most seats.

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