News: 14-Apr-10

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  1. Iraq’s Najaf airport closed on security grounds
    An airport south of Baghdad used by thousands of Shia pilgrims has been closed over security concerns and a row with the Kuwaiti company responsible for its passenger operations.
  2. Hakeem, Chalabi discuss steps to allay NIA, SL
    Leader of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Alliance (SIIC), Syed Ammar al-Hakeem, discussed with leader of National Iraq Conference, Ahmed Chalabi, the on going talks toward forming an alliance between the Shia parties led National Iraqi Alliance and the State of Law Alliance.
  3. US Muslims blame 9/11 for terror label
    American Muslims say following the September 11 terror attacks in the US, their rights have often been violated in the name of national security.
  4. Maliki backs Sunni militia’s alliance
    Baghdad welcomes the cooperation of Iraqi Sunni militias with governmnt security forces in their effort to stem terrorist attacks
  5. Pakistan airstrike kills 71 civilians: official
    Up to 71 civilians were killed in a weekend strike by Pakistani jets near the Afghan border, survivors and a government official said Tuesday.
  6. Kurdish Translation of Holy Quran to Be Published
    The Quran Publication Center is to publish a Kurdish translation of the holy Quran using the font of Iranian manuscripts based on late Ahmad Neirizi’s handwriting.
  7. Iran, 40 Mosques Being Renovated in South Tehran
    More than 40 mosques in the south of Tehran are being renovated and equipped by the District 20 Municipality.
  8. India seeks to open consulate in Karbala
    The Indian ambassador in Baghdad said on Monday that his country seeks to open a consulate in Karbala to serve Indians living or visiting Iraq.
  9. ‘Week of Respect to Marjaiyyah’ to homage Maraje services, sacrifices
    RAWALPINDI, Pakistan: The Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has announced to observe “Hafta-e-Ehteram-e-Marja’aiyyat” (Week of respect to Marjaiyya) from 12-18 April to pay tributes and homage to the eternal services and sacrifices rendered by Mara’aje Azzam in disseminating the Allah’s Constitution, and Islam and in protecting the inheritance of Prophets.
  10. Muslims in Kenya support draft constitution
    Kenya’s Muslim populations will support the draft constitution and will vote yes in the forthcoming referendum. The Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims, Aden Wachu said no chapter of the draft constitution violates the teaching of Islam and so their support for the draft constitution is justifiable.

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