News: 13-Apr-10

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  1. Muslim countries to lead on green issues
    The Conference on Muslim Action on climate change ended on Saturday, urging the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to set up a special council to offer leadership on climate change issues.
  2. Solution of ills lies in Islamic teachings, says Kazmi
    LAHORE – The solution of all the miseries lies in the teachings of Islam and the revolution through great mystics thoughts is need of the hour.
  3. U.S. scolds Europe for Muslim discrimination
    The discrimination Muslims face all across Europe is alarmingly on the rise, the U.S. said in a damning report on human rights, warning of a deteriorating rights situation worldwide, mainly due to raging conflicts.
  4. Afghans protest killing of civilians
    Hundreds of Afghan people have rallied in the southern city of Kandahar to condemn the killing of civilians by US-led troops, according to authorities.
  5. ‘NATO should stop backing Jundallah’
    Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to condemn NATO support for Jundallah ringleader Abdolmalek Rigi.
  6. Iran to replace Persian Gulf radar
    Iranian scientists are planning to develop domestic radars to replace a series of aging Russian-made systems currently deployed in the Persian Gulf.
  7. Iran plans major rise in price of gas
    Iranian Oil Minister Masoud Mirkazemi says the government plans to raise domestic gas prices by nearly tenfold in a bid to reduce consumption
  8. Yemen says Seeks Cleric, Yet to Get U.S. Intelligence
    DUBAI (Reuters) – Yemen said on Sunday it is trying to detain a Muslim cleric wanted dead or alive by Washington, but has yet to receive intelligence from the United States on the U.S.-born militant’s activities.
  9. Yemen tries rebel supporters for spying for Iran
    SANAA – Yemen put four Shi’ite rebel supporters on trial on Monday on charges of spying for Iran in a move that could strain a truce to end a northern war that drew in neighbouring oil giant Saudi Arabia last year.
  10. Muslim law won’t hinder alimony claims: HC
    AHMEDABAD: The special law for divorced Muslim women will not come in the way if a divorcee seeks alimony from her ex-husband and the man is liable to maintain the wife till she remarries, the Gujarat High Court ruled in a 15-year-old dispute of maintenance between a separated couple.

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