News: 11-Apr-10

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  1. British Muslim Religious Leaders Urge Community to Vote on 6 May
    Muslim Council of Britain launches campaign for British Muslims to engage democracy
  2. Operation Muslim Vote re-launched to influence UK Elections
    Operation Muslim Vote is being re-launched in Britain to raise the political awareness of Muslim voters to influence the outcome of next month’s general elections.
  3. Rights group urges war crimes probe in Yemen war
    Yemen’s government and the Shias it fought for years should investigate allegations they both committed war crimes and hold perpetrators to account, a human rights group urged Wednesday.
  4. Sadr Urges Sunni-Shia Unity Against United States
    Anti-US cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, likely to be a key player in forming a new Iraqi government following elections last month, urged Sunni and Shia Muslims on Friday to unite to oust American troops.
  5. Philippine – Shia Masjid and School left Incomplete Yet !+ PICs
    Philippine, Zamboanga City – the Project of building the Masjid Imam al Mahdi (as) and Madrasah Ahlul Bayt (As) left incomplete, unfortunately.
  6. Islamophobia Countinues: The Moscow Police Are Afraid of Girls Wearing Head Scarves
    «Do you really think that a girl in a scarf will blow up the metro? Under your attention, other police officers, under the attention of passers-by? “- I asked. “I am sure that you do not represent any danger, but I ordered – check all the girls in headscarves!” – he replied.
  7. Majlis-e-Wahdat holds first party convention
    The rivals of the outlawed religious outfit Tehreek-e-Jaffaria (TJP) leader Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi are going to hold their first party convention in Islamabad to elect the new leadership for the Shia community, The Nation has learned on Friday. The rivals of the outlawed religious outfit are once again holding their organizational convention to show their strength to their rival leaders.
  8. Terrorist killed Shia leader Tahir Abbas Shah at Shikarpur
    The terrorists of outlawed religious organization were killed the local shia leader Syed Tahir Abbas Shah at Shikarpur, Tahir Abbas Shah was the leader of Shia Organization Shikarpur and Deputy Monitoring officer in Sindh local Government.
  9. Bomb blast wounds 12 in southwest Iran
    A bomb explosion targeting a detention facility in the southwestern province of Ilam has wounded at least 12 people but has claimed no lives, Iranian officials report.

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