News: 09-Apr-10

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  1. Dubai’s Bank Islam Stake Sale Unlikely by June-Report
    KUALA LUMPUR, (Reuters) – Dubai Group’s plan to sell its stake in Malaysia’s Bank Islamis unlikely to be completed by June, Bank Islam’s managing director was quoted as saying on Thursday.
  2. Al-Azhar and Qom Clerics Clash over Sectarian Expansion
    Cairo, Asharq Al-Awsat- Religious scholars rejected comments made by Ayatollah Hashem Boushahri, the Imam of Friday Prayers in the city of Qom and a member of the Iranian Assembly of Experts, in which he accused Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb of creating an atmosphere of tension following his statements rejecting the exportation of the Shiite sect in Sunni societies, and the exportation of the Sunni sect in Shiite societies.
  3. Iran holds international RoboCup contest
    IranOpen2010 is playing host to 900 national and foreign teams as part of the fifth international Iranian Robotics contest in Tehran.
  4. 9th April, 30th Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr & Syeda Amina al-Sadr
    Shiite news exclusive report on 30th martyrdom anniversary of Grand Aytullah Shaheed Baqir AL Sadr and Syeda Amina Bintul Huda
  5. Rasul Azam Mosque Opens in Safwa, Saudi Arabia
    A new mosque launched in the city of Safwa, eastern Saudi Arabia, Yesterday, Rasid news agency reported.
  6. Obama to tone down anti-Islam oratory in official texts
    US President Barack Obama’s advisers plan to revise the National Security Strategy, a document currently outlining the former President George W Bush’s doctrine of pre-emptive war.
  7. Ottawa imam receives new visa
    The imam of Ottawa’s main mosque will not be kicked out of Canada after intervention from Conservative and NDP MPs.
  8. Kyrgyz president not to resign as opposition takes power
    The ousted Kyrgyz president says he is still in the country and refuses to resign despite the opposition claim of forming an interim government.
  9. Contradictory News of Sadrist Referendum Result: Jafari? Maliki? Araji?
    the news about Sadrist referendum result are very contradictory. 4 days ago, some agencies reported Nouri Maliki is on top and Ibrahim Jafari is the second one. Just a day after reports showed Baha Al-Araji who is not in the list led on others, but now…
  10. Saudi Arabia: Cleric Cancels a Trip to Jerusalem
    A Jordanian friend of a Saudi cleric, Sheik Mohammed al-Areefi, said Wednesday that the religious leader had bowed to pressure from the kingdom and canceled his announced visit to Jerusalem.

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