News: 08-Apr-10

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  1. Few people fall into Wahabi traps in Chechnya
    Wahhabi ideology has recently become unpopular in Chechnya, the Republic’s President Ramzan Kadyrov says.
  2. Muslim Students Association hosted “Science in the Quran” Seminar
    Science and religion do not have to be exclusive of each other, a speaker said Monday, April 5, evening at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art in Oklahoma City.
  3. Saudi SHia prominent clerical calls for a political stand to the sectarian coexistence
    Saudi SHia prominent clerical figure Sayed Hassan Al-Nimer demanded the Saudi government of taking a brave decision that drive Saudi communities toward sectarian coexistence.
  4. Raids by US-led forces have left hundreds of civilians dead in Afghanistan over the past months.
    Missile strikes by French forces have reportedly killed at least five school children and injured three others in eastern Afghanistan, a local official says.
  5. US military base in Kyrgyzstan ‘closed’ amid riots
    US military flights from a base north of the Kyrgyz capital have been suspended after authorities closed the airport amid anti-government riots.
  6. Families of Iraqi victims demand justice
    The families of Iraqi civilians who have been shown in a leaked video being shot and killed by a US military helicopter in 2007, have demanded justice.
  7. Spain’s Muslims well integrated: govt study
    MADRID – The vast majority of Muslim immigrants to Spain are well integrated in the country even if 27 percent of them are currently unemployed, according to a government study published Wednesday.
  8. Iraq says in ‘open war’ with Qaeda
    BAGHDAD – Deadly bomb attacks in Baghdad are aimed at pressuring political blocs battling to form a government, a top politician said Wednesday, as Iraq declared “war” with Al-Qaeda over the surge in violence.
  9. Biased Saudi Government detain Shias over worship services
    The crack down against the shia community in Saudai Arabia has been continued as the Wahabi Saudi authorities have arrested several Shia community leaders in the eastern parts of the oil-rich country for hosting Shia worship services in their homes.
  10. Amnesty reveals Saudi strikes on Shia Yemeni civilians
    Amnesty International sheds light on the suffering inflicted upon civilians in northern Yemen during the joint Saudi-Yemeni offensive against the country’s Shia Houthis.

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