News: 06-Apr-10

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  1. 2 Shia students Kidnapped by SSP belonged to Siddique Mosque Nagan Chorangi
    2 students namely Adnan Hussain S/o M. Ali student of Sirajuddaula College and Mehboob Ali S/o Ghulam Nabi Student of Technical College residing at Nagar Hostel Nagar Chowrangi.
  2. Shia Top Cleric Extends Easter Greetings to Lebanese, Calls on Nations to Learn Courage from Christ in Facing Injustice
    Deputy Head of the Higher Islamic Shiite Council Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan on Sunday called on nations to learn from Christ “the courage to face the oppressor.”
  3. Spanish Converted Muslim: Islam gives women more rights than Christianity
    Islam gave me the right, in which I was denied in Christianity. Such as personal freedom, economic rights, the right to represent their interests in court, the right to education, to employment – says Rodriguez.
  4. Ghana Muslim Mission holds conference in Accra
    GNA-Sheikh Dr. Amin Bonsu, Deputy Imam of the Ghana Muslim Mission has called on Ghanaians to adopt preventive measures that would keep them healthy at all times. He said the adoption of preventive measures would not only keep them healthy but would also cut down their huge medical bills and increase productivity.
  5. ElBaradei: Iraq war killed million innocent civilians
    Those who launched the war in Iraq were responsible for killing a million innocent people and could be held accountable under international law, former head of UN’s Chief Nuclear Agency said clearly referring to George Bush and Tony Blair.
  6. US-led forces admit killing Afghan civilians
    The US-led forces in Afghanistan admitted on Sunday that they had killed five civilians, including three women, during a night attack in February.
  7. Saudi poetess receives death threats
    A Saudi poetess, whose poem gained acclaim for being critical of extremist Wahabi muftis, has received death threats from hardlinersA Saudi poetess, whose poem gained acclaim for being critical of extremist Wahabi muftis, has received death threats from hardliners
  8. Deadly explosions rattle Pakistan
    Several explosions have shaken Pakistan’s restive Northwest Frontier Province, killing at least 38 people and injuring more than 100 others.
  9. Iran sets annual record in narcotics seizure
    Iranian police have seized more than 557 tonnes of illicit drugs throughout the country in the past calendar year (ending on March 20), a senior commander says
  10. Halal becomes big business
    When my local delicatessen in France closed, it was replaced by a fast-food outlet selling halal fried chicken. When my local kosher butcher closed, it was replaced by a halal butcher. In my local supermarket, there is now a well-stocked halal section. Last week, I received a leaflet proposing Islamic banking services. Suddenly it seems halal has not only become fashionable but big business.

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