News: 04-Apr-10

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  1. Father Dave Smith Call Christians to Gathering to Support Shia Sheikh in Sydney
    Christians in the Dulwich Hill and Marrickville area are staging a 24-hour prayer vigil over the Easter Weekend to pray for the welfare of the local Islamic community and for their spiritual leader, Sheikh
  2. Anti-Muslims protest turns violent in UK
  3. Eight killed in Alegria twin blasts
  4. Nigerian president meets Muslim dignitaries
  5. India rebuffs US calls to shun Iran gas talks
  6. 25 people killed in Iraqi village massacre
    At least 25 people have been shot dead when gunmen dressed in military uniforms swooped on a village south of the Iraqi capital Baghdad
  7. Turkey Shia Muslims travel to Holy Places
    At 2 April Friday, The group that is going to visit the holy places in Syria, Iraq and Iran was seen off by the lovers of Ehl-i Beyt with tears in Zeynebiye.
  8. Iraq:Sadrists hold 2nd day of referendum
    The followers of Iraqi Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr attend the second day of a referendum on who the bloc should support as Iraq’s future prime minister.
  9. Darfuri Muslims help build church as sign of peace
    Darfuri Muslims are working with Christians to build a church in Southern Sudan as a symbol of reconciliation and gratitude.
  10. Iraq constitution ‘prohibits’ Allawi premiership
    It is not possible for Iyad Allawi to become the Iraqi prime minister according to Iraq’s constitution, an Iraqi political expert has told National Iraqi News Agency (NINA).

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