News: 03-Apr-10

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  1. 23 prisoners escape in restive Iraqi city of Mosul
    MOSUL, Iraq – Twenty-three prisoners convicted of terrorism charges escaped from a prison in Iraq’s turbulent city of Mosul on Friday, police said.
  2. Abdullah slams Karzai for anti-US remarks
    Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s main political rival has accused him of undermining the battle against the Taliban.
  3. Iran supports universal denuclearization
    A senior Iranian official said Friday the country supports global nuclear disarmament amid Western accusations that Tehran seeks to develop atomic bombs.
  4. Three accused identified in Turabi murder case
    A policeman who along with other security men was escorting the vehicle of Allama Hasan Turabi when the latter was killed in a blast identified three suspects in an anti-terrorism court on Thursday.
  5. Karachi : SSP terrorists fire on Shia Mosque and Alam-e-Hazrat Abbas(a.s)
    Terrorists of outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba on Friday opened fire at Masjid e Hyderi and Alam-e-Hazrat Abbas (a.s) near Lasbella Chowk (also known as Ali Basti), Karachi.
  6. Iraqi Shia party ready for coalition with Allawi
    Chances of former Iraqi premier, Iyad Allawi, being elected as premier have increased after an Iraqi Shia party said it was ready to join coalition with Allawi.
  7. Sadr supporters hold referendum in Iraq
    Supporters of Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr went to polls on Friday in a referendum on who should the bloc back in the race for the country’s premiership.
  8. Judge: US wiretapping on Islamic charity illegal
    A US federal judge has ruled that the government is liable for illegally wiretapping an Islamic charity without a valid search warrant.
  9. Muslim Americans barred from returning to US
    A growing number of Muslim and Arab Americans are finding it difficult to return to the United States after traveling abroad, advocacy groups say.
  10. Teacher held for inflammatory question paper
    IDUKKI (Kerala): A college professor has been arrested for preparing a question paper that had inflammatory references to Prophet Mohammed, police said Friday.

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