News: 01-Apr-10

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  1. Essex Mosque assaulted again
    A mosque in Essex has been assaulted for several times while police continues to condone violations committed by Islamophobics.
  2. Yazidi Terrorists Martyred a Shia Muslim in Pakistan
    The unknown terrorists were killed the Shia magistriate Mohammad Akbar at old Basin Gilgit, Pakistan on Monday.
  3. Saudi Wahhabis arrest Shia figures for breaching a ban on religious activities
    Saudi authorities arrested on Monday several Shia figures in Khobar for breaching a ban on practicing Shia religious activities.
  4. Grand Canary: Gov’t subsidizes halal slaughter
    The local government of Grand Canary gave 250,000 euro in subsidies in order to buy a special halal-slaughter machine for the central slaughterhouse (Matadero Insular).
  5. Muslims welcome damning report on UK Prevent agenda
    The Muslim Council of Britain Tuesday welcomed a damning parliamentary report criticising the UK government’s discredited Prevent Extremism programme.
  6. Ukrainian Muslims Resolutely Condemn Act of in Moscow Underground
    The all-Ukraine Association of Social Organizations “Аlraid” and the all-Ukraine Social Organization “The Ukrainian Centre of Islamic Studies” acted with resolute condemnation of the “brutal” act of terrorism made on killed and injured tens of innocent people.
  7. Serbia apologizes for 1995 massacre of Muslims
    The Serbian parliament voted on Wednesday to apologize for the 1995 massacre of thousands of Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica, but stopped short of labeling the killings as “genocide.”
  8. Ireland – Urgent Need for New Classrooms at Muslim School
    THE Muslim population in south Dublin has grown so fast that the city’s largest Islamic school can no longer cope. More than 120 kids have been turned away from the Muslim National School in Clonskeagh because the school’s prefabs can fit no more children.
  9. Blast kills 7, injures 20 in Helmand
    At least seven Afghan civilians have been killed in a an attack outside Lashkar Gah, the capital of southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province.
  10. Six Shia Kidnapped Truckers Found martyred Near Parachinar
    Police found the bodies of six Shia truck drivers who were kidnapped a few days ago in a restive northwestern town, officials said.

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