News: 31-Mar-10

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  1. France advised against full ban on burqa
    France’s top administrative body has warned the government that plans for a complete ban on the full Islamic veil could be challenged in court.
  2. Credit of 150 Billion Rials allocated for Mosques and Shrines of Mazandaran
    Director General of Endowments and Charitable affairs department of Mazandaran province has informed of allocation of 150 Billion Rials credit for Mosques and Shrines of this province.
  3. North Caucasian Muslims condemn terrorist acts in Moscow
    The Coordinating Center of North Caucasian Muslims has appealed to Russian citizens to unite and to give an appropriate response to the terrorist threat.
  4. 5,000 Muslims Protest Against Enmity of Islam in Germany
    Nearly 5,000 people protested on Sunday against a demonstration by extreme-right and anti-Muslim groups in the western German city of Duisburg ahead of a regional election in May, police said.
  5. 31% Indian Muslims wallow in Poverty: NCAER survey
    New Delhi – Nearly one third of Muslims in the nation survive on less than Rs 550 a month, economic think tank NCAER said, amid the ongoing debate on reservations in jobs and educational institutions for those belonging to the community.
  6. Minnesota – Rally to Support Muslim Students from Being Harassed
    Minnesota — More than two dozen Muslims and their supporters rallied across from Apollo High School in St. Cloud in support of students who attend St. Cloud schools.
  7. Somalia protests against Wahhabi Extremests
    Hundreds of women and children marched through Somalia’s capital Monday to protest the destruction of tombs of Somali clerics, some a century old, by al-Qaida-linked militants wielding sledgehammers and pickaxes.
  8. Essex Mosque assaulted again
    A mosque in Essex has been assaulted for several times while police continues to condone violations committed by Islamophobics.
  9. Curfew in more areas as clashes spread in Hyderabad
    HYDERABAD: Communal violence spread to new areas in western Hyderabad on Tuesday, forcing the authorities to extend the curfew to eight more police station areas. Life was affected in the curfew-bound areas on Tuesday.
  10. Don’t fool the Muslim women
    Though it is difficult to get serious about the hype on reservations for women, accompanied by a dramatic demand for “quota-within-quota” for minorities, these developments cannot be ignored.

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