News: 13-Mar-10

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  1. Teacher in Belgium wins right to wear veil in class
    BRUSSELS: A Muslim mathematics teacher in a municipal school in Belgium won her legal battle to wear a veil in class on Thursday when an appeals court overturned a lower court decision.
  2. Iran announces electricity distribution to villages
    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced on Friday that electricity has been provided to almost all villages across the country.
  3. Saudi Shia Muslims at risk of torture and ill-treatment
    In an attempt to consolidate the political and religious dictatorship on the multi-confessional people of the Arabian Peninsula , the Saudi regime has being using the methods of repression and the governmental terrorism to vilify the adherents of the other Islamic schools of jurisprudence….
  4. Riots escalate in Bareilly, top cop hurt
    BAREILLY: Rioting escalated in western UP city of Bareilly on Friday, engulfing fresh areas, leaving dozens injured and extension of curfew in fresh areas.
  5. 7 blasts hit Lahore; 45 killed, Pak Taliban claim responsibility
    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s cultural capital Lahore convulsed with a second — and deadlier — serial terror attack within a week, with seven blasts ripping through two markets, including RA Bazar in the heart of the city. The terror attacks in RA Bazar killed 45 people and wounded over 100 on Friday, which, being a holiday, sees heavy shopping crowds.
  6. Saudi Arabia urged to drop case over abuse of Web
    Human Rights Watch urged Saudi Arabia on Wednesday to drop charges against a Saudi man who used the Internet and other media to complain about red tape as he tried to get state funding for his brother’s medical treatment.
  7. Maliki holds narrow lead in Iraq election
    Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s State of Law coalition holds the lead in Iraq’s legislative election, closely followed by rival Shias amid allegations of fraud from secularist Sunnis.
  8. Ahmadinejad: Persian Gulf name irrefutable
    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insists the name of Persian Gulf is so indisputable that makes it beyond negotiation.
  9. Iran asks Dubai to track down Rigi passport forgers
    Iran is taking steps to investigate how Jundallah terror chief Abdulmalek Rigi obtained forged passports prior to his arrest nearly two weeks ago.
  10. Sleiman absent from Lybia summit over Sadr case
    Lebanese President Michel Sleiman will not attend an Arab League summit in Tripoli due to a row over the disappearance of prominent Shia cleric Mussa al-Sadr in Libya in 1978.

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