News: 10-Mar-10

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  1. 30 more Goldquest scammers busted in Iran
    The Iranian security forces have arrested 30 suspects in connection with Goldquest, a controversial network marketing company which has allegedly defrauded thousands of people worldwide.
  2. Taliban reintegration to be key agenda of Pak-Afghan talks
    ISLAMABAD: Taliban reintegration and the political solution of Afghan crises are likely to be the key agenda of Pak-Afghan consultations as Afghan President Karzai is due to arrive in Islamabad on Wednesday.
  3. Iran, Qatar sign security agreement
    Iran and Qatar have signed an agreement on security cooperation, describing it as a significant step in improving peace in the Persian Gulf region.
  4. Iran aid to Afghanistan at $280mn
    Iran has spent more than $280 million in the reconstruction projects of Afghanistan so far, says Iran’s envoy to its eastern neighbor.
  5. Iraq postpones election preliminary results
    Iraq’s election commission has postponed until Wednesday the announcement of the preliminary results in the country’s parliamentary election.
  6. Pakistan Muslim League-N in connection with the terrorism : Governor Punjab
    LAHORE: Governor Punjab Salman Taseer Monday asked the Chief Minister Punjab to clarify the policy of Pakistan Muslim League-N in connection with the terrorism; “are they on terrorists’ side or against them?”
  7. Leader: More effort needed to preserve environment
    The Leader of the Islamic Revolution says Iranian officials should prevent the damaging of the country’s natural resources.
  8. Vote Counting Starts in Iraq; Honesty, Participation, Security, Relatively Good
    Iraqis defied waves of bomb, mortar and rocket attacks that killed 38 people to turn out Sunday in huge numbers to vote in elections seen as a test of the war-shattered state’s fragile democracy.
  9. Quran Recitation Sessions in Karachi
    Quranic sessions are being held in mosques and religious centers in Karachi, Pakistan, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
  10. Sudanese driver executed in Saudi Arabia
    A Sudanese driver convicted of murdering his Saudi Arabian employer has been executed.

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