News: 08-Mar-10

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  1. Largest Arab bourse to open up to foreigners
    Saudi Arabia plans to take further steps to open up the Arab world’s largest bourse to foreign investors, a senior Saudi official said.
  2. Pakistan MPs end US visit to protest body scanners
    A six-member Pakistani parliamentary delegation from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), protesting full body scanning in Washington, decided to end their US visit and return to Pakistan.
  3. Blackwater charged with stealing Afghan arms
    US private security firm Xe, formerly known as Blackwater, has been reportedly accused of stealing over 500 assault rifles earmarked for the Afghan police.
  4. Scores reported dead in Nigeria clashes
    Nigeria’s troubled central city of Jos has reportedly been the scene of fresh sectarian clashes, reportedly leaving scores of people dead.
  5. High turnout in Iraq elections despite violence
    Iraq’s parliamentary elections have witnessed a notable voter turnout, with Iraqis going to polling stations despite the ongoing violence in the country.
  6. Saudi Intelligence questions a female activist
    A female Saudi activist was called for questioning by the General Intelligence Administration in Qatif.
  7. Quran and Etrat Basis of Muslim Unity
    Director of the Islamic ideology dissemination department in West Azerbaijan Province said that the holy Quran and Etrat (the Prophet’s (PBUH) Household) are the basis of unity among Muslims.
  8. Islamic Sciences Courses Held for Women in Cambodia
    Courses on Islamic Sciences for women were held in Cambodia by the World Society for Islamic Propagation.
  9. Religious leader welcomes Supreme Leader’s call for Ummah unity
    Former Amir Jamat-e-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmad on Saturday welcomed the call of Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei seeking Ummah unity to solve Muslim world’s problems.
  10. Muslim Leaders, UN Chief Urge Voting in Iraq, Al-Qaeda Threatens
    At a time Iraq’s Muslim leaders and UN Chief Ban Ki-moon are urging people to head to the polls to cast their votes on Sunday, Al-Qaeda declared a curfew on election day throughout the country, threatening to target the voters.

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