News: 05-Mar-10

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  1. Turkey recalls envoy after US vote on Armenian ‘genocide’
    ANKARA: Turkey recalled its ambassador from the United States and sent a harsh warning that ties will suffer after a US House panel adopted a resolution on Thursday branding the killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as “genocide.”
  2. Minaret collapse highlights decay of Moroccan medinas
    MEKNES, Morocco, (Reuters) – People living near the Lalla Khenata mosque in Morocco’s old imperial city of Meknes say they warned for years that its minaret was in danger of collapse.
  3. Iraq begins 1st phase of parliamentary elections
    Iraq began a special voting on Thursday as security forces, hospital patients and prisoners went to polling stations to cast their ballots for the parliamentary election that takes place on March 7.
  4. Special News Report of Shiite News about Iraqi election and Electoral Alliances
    Political Parties ‘Alliances intensified their campaign to muster maximum support for March 7th parliamentary election of Iraq.
  5. Celebrating the Prophet’s Birthday
    Is celebrating the Prophet’s and holy personalities’ (peace be upon them) birthdays considered worship and/or innovation?
  6. German Islamic fanatics jailed for planning ‘second September 11’
    Four Muslim fanatics dreamed of “mounting a second September 11” with a series of bomb attacks on a US military base in Germany as well as nightclubs and restaurants used by American servicemen.
  7. 17 killed in Baghdad blasts targeting voters
    BAGHDAD — A string of blasts ripped through Baghdad targeting early voters and killing 17 people Thursday, authorities said, raising tensions in an already nervous city as early ballots are cast for Sunday’s parliamentary elections.
  8. Massive fire destroys three buildings in Jeddah
    Three buildings have collapsed after a fierce fire engulfed seven buildings in the historic center of Jeddah, in western Saudi Arabia.
  9. Italian ambassador summoned over arrested Iranians
    Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast says the Italian ambassador to Tehran has been summoned to give explanation about detention of two Iranians in Italy.

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