News: 02-Mar-10

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  1. Iran: Sanandaj hosts int’l confab ‘Harbingers of Unity’
    The International Conference themed ‘Harbingers of Unity’ opened here on Sunday with the participation of Shiite and Sunni scholars and a number of foreign guests.
  2. Birthday anniversary of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) celebrates in Saudi Arabia
    Birthday celebrations of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) will be held on Wednesday afternoon (12 Esfand) in Saudi Arabia.
  3. ‘Racist’ school bus drivers ‘refusing to stop for young Muslim girls who are wearing the hijab’
    School bus drivers have been accused of racism after failing to stop for pupils wearing Muslim hijabs.
  4. Taliban and Sipah-e-Yazid attack on Eid Milad-un-Nabi rallies: This is not sectarianism; this is terrorism
    The 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal is celebrated by Muslims in Pakistan as the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (peace by upon him and his progeny).
  5. Russia: Kremlin supports plan to form higher coordinating Muslim council
    The Kremlin’s chief domestic policy advisor Alexey Grishin has put his support behind plans to set up a higher Muslim coordinating council in Russia.
  6. Chechnya wants Islamic leaders to attend Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) birthday celebrations in 2011
    Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov has decided to celebrate the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday next year at an international level, with the heads of a number of Islamic states invited, Ziyad Sabsabi, a Russian Federation Council member representing Chechnya, told journalists.
  7. America’s First Muslim College
    WASHINGTON – As interested students race to beat the fast approaching enrolment deadline, Muslims are turning their sights to the Zaytuna College in California to see if America’s first ever Muslim college will live up to the high expectations.
  8. Karadzic claims massacre of Muslims ‘just, holy’
    In his UN genocide and war crimes trial, former Bosnian-Serb leader Radovan Karadzic defended the killing of thousands of Muslims in Bosnia as “just and holy.”
  9. Prophet Mohammad (A) and Ahlul Bayt (A) Conference, to be held in Sierra Leone
    The Chief Imam of the Freetown Central Mosque Sheikh Ahmad Tejan Sillah says President Ernest Koroma’ s ‘Agenda for Change’ is in line with the mission of Prophet Muhammad and therefore called on all religious leaders to join in the campaign for A change of attitude.
  10. The heads of anti-Shia terrorism killed in Dera Ismail Khan
    According to reports “Abdul Rauf Baloch” known as Mama Rufa, “Abdollatif” known as Col.Tufan and “Azim Muaviye” the most notorious terrorists of the area have been killed in Dera Adam Khail in the suburbs of Kuhat in a “conflict between government forces and terrorists”.

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