News: 23-Feb-10

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  1. Isolation of Quran among Shia Muslims Baseless Claim
    The claim that the holy Quran is isolated among Shia Muslims is absolutely unfounded said Shia source of emulation grand Ayatollah Sobhani.
  2. Are law enforcers prepared for Rabiul Awal events?
    The failure of law enforcement agencies in curbing terrorism along with intelligence reports warning about the terror threat during holy month of Rabiul Awal, the city is once again vulnerable to terrorist attacks.
  3. Oslo: Wahhabi Extermist Preacher in Mosques
    the missionaries are linked to the local mosque in Holmlia, a mosque which belongs to the Tabliqi movement. The movement belongs to the Wahabi denomination in Islam.
  4. Quranic Software in Urdu Introduced
    The first Quranic software in Urdu has been introduced by the International Islamic Media Institute.
  5. Muslim Students of UW fast and collect Funds for Haitians
    Hundreds of UW students abstained from food and drink Friday between dawn and sunset. Funds raised in the event will go to Islamic Relief, a nonprofit organization currently supplying food, water and tents to victims of the earthquake in Haiti.
  6. The book “The Truth as it is” published
    The book “The Truth as it is” was published by the Cultural Affairs Department of Ahlul Bayt (A) Worlds Assembly.
  7. Shia Muslims take out mourning procession in Delhi
    New Delhi : Shia Muslims Monday took out mourning processions here to remember the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (pbuh), grandson of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), and his family members some 1,400 years back in Karbala city of Iraq.
  8. Mandatory health insurance for UAE pilgrims
    The GAIAA is examining the possibility of making health insurance mandatory for all Haj and Umrah tour operators in a way that conforms to the rules of the Shariah.
  9. Azadari processions on Imam Hassan Askari (AS) martyrdom will observe on Tuesday across the country
    Azadari congregations and processions are on its peak as it is the last weekend of the mourning procession to gets to its end. Majalis are being arranged all over Pakistan to condole with Imam-e-Zamana (ajtf), and hundreds of thousands of mourners participated in the mourning procession including women, children and aged.
  10. 8th Rabiul Awal, Martyrdom of Imam Hassan Askari (AS)
    The Life of Our Beloved Imam Hasan Askari (AS)

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