News: 19-Feb-10

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  1. Suicide bomber kills 11 in Iraq’s Anbar province
    RAMADI, Iraq – A suicide bomber killed at least 11 people and wounded 21 others on Thursday in Iraq’s increasingly turbulent western Anbar province, a senior Iraqi army official and police said.
  2. Yemen arrests three in hunt for Al Qaeda
    DUBAI – Yemeni forces hunting al Qaeda fighters who have based their regional command in the Arab country arrested three suspected militants east of the capital Sanaa, state media said on Thursday.
  3. Up to 37 feared dead in Pakistan avalanche
    ISLAMABAD – Up to 37 people were feared dead Thursday after an avalanche slammed into a remote mountain village in northern Pakistan where hope faded of rescuing more survivors from the snow, police said.
  4. Senior al-Qaeda terrorists arrested in Wasit, Iraq
    After raiding several houses in the al-Suweira district, 135 kilometers north of Kut, Iraqi security forces have arrested two high-level militants with links to the terrorist al-Qaeda network in the capital of the eastern Iraqi province of Wasit in a joint operation with US forces.
  5. Iraqi journalist kidnapped in Kirkuk
    AN Iraqi journalist has been kidnapped in the ethnically mixed northern city of Kirkuk, security officials and the news organisation he worked for say.
  6. Abbasid era inscription discovered in Jerusalem Al-Quds
    A home renovation in Jerusalem Al-Quds has yielded a rare inscription in the Arabic language, giving archaeologists an insight to the Islamic heritage of the city.
  7. Bahrain to import gas from Iran, Russia involved
    The issue of Iran’s gas exports to Bahrain through cooperation with Russia has been raised during a tripartite meeting, Iranian official says.
  8. Gadkari asks Muslims to be generous
    In a rare gesture, BJP president Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday called upon Muslims to be generous towards the sentiments of Hindus and facilitate the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya “to herald a new era of amity” in the country. Gadkari after formally taking over as the party president at a two-day national council meeting here said in his maiden address that he did not see a satisfactory solution to the issue through courts. He was quick to add that Muslims could construct a mosque at an alternative site.
  9. NATO may need 30 days to secure Taliban stronghold
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – NATO and Afghan troops have hit pockets of stiff resistance in Marjah, the Taliban’s main stronghold in southern Afghanistan, and may need another month to fully secure the area, a NATO commander said on Thursday.

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