News: 18-Feb-10

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  1. Iran to Shut Down Google Email Service-WSJ
    SAN FRANCISCO, (Reuters) – The Iranian government plans to permanently suspend Google Inc’s email service in the country, the Wall Street Journal reported on its website on Wednesday.
  2. Notorious Wahhabi terrorists forced a convoy of 300 Shia Muslims not to return their homes in Parachinar
    Notorious Wahhabi terrorists forced a convoy of 300 Shia Muslims not to return their homes in Kurram Agency, Parachinar. The convoy was stopped at Kohat Bypass, Nusrat Khel in North Western Frontier Province (NWFP).
  3. Secretary General of Ahlul Bayt (A) Worlds Assembly meets with the head of Bosnian Scholars
    “Huj. Mohammad Hasan Akhtari” Secretary General of Ahlul Bayt (A) Worlds Assembly meets with “Dr. Mustafa Tesrich” the head of Bosnia and Herzegovina Scholars.
  4. Iraq Shia spiritual leader urges big poll turnout
    Iraq’s leading Shia cleric called on voters on Wednesday to turn out massively for next month’s general election but did not endorse any particular party.
  5. Al-Qaeda Elements Are Active in Mogadishu- Somali Interior Minister
    Cairo, Asharq Al-Awsat- Somali Interior Minister Abdiqadir Ali Omar has accused the Mujahidin Youth Movement, which is opposed to the transitional authority and the African peacekeeping forces in Somalia, of being behind the failed attempt to assassinate Somali Defense Minister Yusuf Mohammed Siad in the capital Mogadishu the day before yesterday, in which at least two civilians were killed by a suicide bomber driving an explosive-laden vehicle.
  6. Death Penalty Sought for Qaeda Suspects in Lebanon
    BEIRUT (Reuters) — A Lebanese military investigative judge charged 11 suspected al Qaeda militants on Wednesday with planning to commit crimes against Lebanese authorities and spying on the Lebanese army and U.N. peacekeepers.
  7. Indonesia steps up security before Obama visit
    JAKARTA – Indonesian police have stepped up monitoring of Islamist networks, but see no indication of any security threat to US President Barack Obama’s visit next month, the head of the nation’s anti-terrorism unit told Reuters.
  8. Saudi arrests wanted militant in major oil centre
    RIYADH – Saudi Arabia has arrested a Saudi militant suspected of links to Al Qaeda in a major oil centre, an Interior Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday.
  9. Afghan army raises flag on embattled Taleban town
    MARJAH, Afghanistan — Military commanders raised the Afghan flag in the bullet-ridden main market of the Taleban’s southern stronghold of Marjah on Wednesday as firefights continued to break out elsewhere in the town between holed-up militants and US and Afghan troops.
  10. Govt’s U-turn on Judges’ Appointment
    ISLAMABAD — The government on Wednesday reversed all its decisions on appointment of judges that had brought it in direct standoff with the superior judiciary and accepted all recommendations of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry.

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