News: 09-Feb-10

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  1. Iran, Pakistan agree to increase parliamentary ties
    Pakistani National Assembly Speaker Fahmida Mirza has returned to Islamabad after a six-day visit to Iran.
  2. Iran produces 97% of its domestic medicine
    The Iranian Health Minister has said that the country produces 97 percent of its own medicine and imports only 3 percent of its pharmaceuticals.
  3. Saudi warplanes kill two innocent Shia children in Yemen
    The Saudi Air Force has reportedly killed two innocent Shia children in their relentless attacks on northern Yemen, despite having accepted a ceasefire offer by the Shia Houthi fighters.
  4. Michigan – over 1,000 Shia Muslims rally to mark Arbaeen of Imam Hussein
    More than 1,000 Shia Muslims held a religious procession through east Dearborn Yesterday (Sunday) to mark the death of an Islamic leader killed in the 7th Century.
  5. Pakistan religious parties blame US for Karachi terrorist attacks
    Pakistan’s religious parties have blamed the United States for the series of recent terrorist attacks and the current chaotic political situation in the country.

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