News: 28-Jan-10

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  1. British Muslims urged to act against growing anti-Muslim hatred
    British Muslims are again urging Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s government to act against the growing waves of Islamophobia after another far-right demonstration descended into violence at the weekend.
  2. Yemen conference fails to achieve much
    An international conference has been held in London to discuss a solution to the Yemen crisis amid ongoing tension in the country.
  3. Wahhabi radical clerics issued a statement against Shia Muslims + Picture
    On 26 January 2010 the Saudi regime-backed religious establishment issued a strongly worded statement signed by 41 extreme Wahhabi clerics supporting al-Ureifi.
  4. Pakistan joins war against Shia Houthis in Yemen
    Pakistan has reportedly sent an army combat unit to Yemen to join the war against the Shia fighters in the country’s north.
  5. Iran accuses Germany of planning Ashura riots
    Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said Wednesday it has found evidence that German diplomats played a role in last month’s “anti-revolution riots” in Tehran.
  6. Iraq – Iranian Shia Buses attacked in Baqdad
    Gunmen in a speeding car opened fire on Wednesday in the Iraqi capital at two buses carrying Iranian pilgrims, killing an Iranian woman and an Iraqi driver.
  7. Pakistan violence claims 3 children
    At least three children have been killed and thirteen other people injured in bomb explosions in the north and south of violence-hit Pakistan.
  8. US favors return of ex-Ba’athists to power
    A senior Iraqi official has warned that Washington supports the return of former Ba’ath party members to power in a bid to bolster security arrangements with Israel.
  9. Afghanistan says 15 militants killed in north
    An Afghan official says 15 militants were killed in a joint air and ground assault with NATO forces in northern Afghanistan.

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