News: 15-Jan-10

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  1. 7 die in stampede during Indian religious festival
    Seven Hindu pilgrims have died in a stampede as a religious festival in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal turns bloody.
  2. Iran condemns publishing of defamatory caricature
    Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mihman-parast on Wednesday condemned publishing of a defamatory caricature of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in a Norwegian daily.
  3. S. Arabia expected to get involved in peace efforts not war in Yemen
    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday that Saudi Arabia was expected to get involved in peace efforts in Yemen rather than war.
  4. Iraqi Shias and Sunnis Hold Joint Friday Prayer
    Shia and Sunni Muslims of Basra, south of Iraq, held a joint Friday prayer on January 8 in a show of solidarity against the insult to Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Al-Sistani by Saudi Mufti Mohammad Al-Arifi.
  5. Yemen says tribesmen kill 10 innocent Shias
    Pro-government Yemen tribesmen have killed 10 Shia civilans in the poorest Arab country after they tried to take up positions in homes in a northern town, the interior ministry said on Thursday.
  6. One terrorist killed in exchange of local Shia leader fire in Quetta
    QUETTA: A man has been killed in exchange of fire between two groups in Quetta, on Wednesday.
  7. US drone attack kills 15 in Pakistan
    At least 15 people have been killed in the latest American drone attack in the volatile region of North Waziristan in Pakistan.
  8. 15 martyred in Najaf bombings
    At least 15 people have been martyred and 80 others injured in a series of bomb blasts in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf.

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