News: 03-Jan-10

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  1. We will Kill Shias again and again
    “We carried out the suicide bombing against Shias in Karachi,” Asmatullah Shaheen, one of the commanders of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan Terrorist Group said”.
  2. Death toll from Pakistan bomb attack rises to 93
    The death toll from a devastating car bombing in northwest Pakistan has risen to 93, marking a bloody start to 2010 for the insurgency-hit nation, police said on Saturday.
  3. Two Passenger trains collide in Turkey
    Two passenger trains have collided in Bilecik in northwestern Turkey, killing at least one and injuring four others, Turkish media has reported.
  4. Saudi authorities remove posters of Shia Imam
    Saudi authorities have pulled down posters of the third Shia Imam in the coastal city of al-Qatif, which hosts the country’s largest community of Shia Muslims.

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