News: 31-Dec-09

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  1. Quran TV Program to Investigate Abdul Basit Recitations
    A forum for analyzing Quran recitations by late Egyptian master, Abdul Basit Abdussamad, will be aired on the Quran TV this Friday.
  2. World Shia Leader slams West over comments on Ashura protests
    After Western countries condemned the crackdown on anti-government protesters during the religious ceremony of Ashura in Iran, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution responds by saying that such comments have their roots in sheer “malice.”
  3. Pilgrims killed after Shia ritual
    Baghdad – A roadside bomb on Wednesday martyred seven Iraqi pilgrims who were returning from a major Shias Muslim religious festival, police said.
  4. Iran calls for united front against enemies
    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for establishing a “strong front” to foil plots hatched by the enemies of Islam.
  5. Houthis Shias resist Saudi incursion into northern Yemen
    Houthi Shia movement have managed to repel Saudi forces trying to infiltrate the northern Yemen’s rugged Sa’ada province, killing a number of Saudi soldiers.
  6. Taliban claim bombing in Karachi
    Pakistan’s Taliban have said they carried out the suicide bombing which martyred 43 Shias in the commercial capital, Karachi, on Monday.
  7. Karbala mourning ritual held in Turkey + PIC
    Thousands of Jaferies in Turkey joined the Karbala mourning ritual.
  8. Ashura Commemoration in North Eastern Bauchi state of Nigeria + Pic
    Ashura Commemoration in North Eastern Bauchi state of Nigeria on Saturday the 10th of Muhramma 1431.
  9. Quranic Research Center Planned in Rabat
    Morocco’s Al-Muhammadiya Muslim Scholars Society plans to set up a center for Quranic research studies, Al-Maghribiya daily reported.
  10. Anti-Iran rally in Toronto turned anti-Quran
    Several people held a rally in Toronto on the Ashura Day chanting slogans against the Iranian government. Some of them then ripped pages of the Holy Quran to display their hatred towards Islam as well.

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