News: 16-Dec-09

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  1. US fighters pound Sa’ada, kill 120
    At least 120 Houthis have lost lives and 44 others sustained injuries as US fighter jets took part in air strikes in the northwestern Yemeni province of Sa’ada.
  2. Iran presents evidence of Pakistan’s links with Jundallah
    A senior Iranian official says Iran has presented evidence to Islamabad that shows links between Pakistani intelligence services and the Jundallah terrorist group.
  3. US House votes to impose new sanctions on Iran
    The US House of Representatives has voted to impose new economic sanctions on Iran as part of the efforts to put more pressure on Tehran over its nuclear program.
  4. ‘Iran has full intelligence about enemies’
    A senior Iranian military official says the country has a total understanding of its enemies from an intelligence point of view.
  5. Red Cross visits prisoners held by Taliban
    The International Committee of the Red Cross says it has made visits to some members of the Afghan police held by the Taliban in northwestern Afghanistan.

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