News: 12-Dec-09

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  1. Services demanded for shrine of Muslim b. Aqeel (AS) sons
    Iraq: Talal Abdel-Rasul Ali, Secretary for the holy shrine of sons of Muslim b. Aqeel (a.s.), the ambassador of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) to Kufa, has demanded from….
  2. Creators of Works on Ahlul Bayt (AS) Honoured in Lebanon
    Christian writers and poets who have created works on Ahlul Bayt (AS) were honoured during a ceremony held on December 10, at the UNESCO Hall in Beirut.
  3. Culture and Beauty in Islam conference ends in Baku
    Representatives of nine countries have attended a two-day conference in Azerbaijan on Culture and Beauty in Islam.
  4. Shia Muslims celebrated Eid ul Ghadeer in Colombo + PIC
    Shia Muslims celebrated Eid ul Ghadeer in Colombo capital of Srilanka
  5. US: No evidence Iran backs Houthis
    US Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs says there is no proof that Iran is supporting Houthi fighters in Yemen.

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