News: 10-Dec-09

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  1. Opposition urges gov’t to stop war against Saada
    Yemeni opposition group has called on the government to stop war against Shia Muslims in Saada, warning that the group could stage “civil disobedience” if the government does not meet their demand.
  2. Iran lifts visa for Azerbaijani citizens
    Iranian ambassador Bahrami said the new procedure will take effect on January 1.
  3. Terrorists martyred Shia leader in Karachi
    KARACHI – Central leader of Pasban-e-Aza, a Shia organisation, Syed Shahid Hussain, was gunned down by some unidentified assailants within the jurisdiction of Brigade police station on Monday.
  4. Iran ready for fuel swap if West wins back trust
    Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman says Tehran will be ready for a nuclear fuel swap only after the West can win back its trust.
  5. Mosque in Greece’s Iskece attacked
    Sunne Mosque in Xanthi was attacked and profane words in Greek were written on its door and walls.
  6. Saudi Foreign Ministry: We are Stunned by Iran’s Allegations
    London/Washington, Asharq Al-Awsat – The Saudi Foreign Ministry has said that it is stunned by Iranian declarations and allegations about the disappearance of the Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri in Saudi Arabia as well as claims that Riyadh handed him over to Washington.
  7. Iran to hit Israeli nuke sites if attacked-minister
    TEHRAN, (Reuters) – Iran would strike back at Israeli weapons manufacturing sites and nuclear installations if the Jewish state attacked the Islamic Republic’s nuclear facilities, Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi was quoted as saying on Wednesday.
  8. Five US nationals arrested in Pakistan
    The Pakistani police have arrested five US nationals, believed to have gone missing in Washington D.C. last month, in a crackdown on militants in the country.
  9. Baghdad’s security chief sacked over bombings
    Baghdad’s security chief has been sacked over a series of massive bombings in the city which killed over 120 people.
  10. US sends Kuwaiti detainee home from Guantanamo
    WASHINGTON – A Kuwaiti detainee held in the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for almost eight years was sent home after a federal judge ordered him freed in September, the Justice Department said on Wednesday.

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