News: 03-Dec-09

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  1. A dosen Shia Martyred in Damascus bus blast
    A blast has hit a bus in a crowded suburb of the Syrian capital of Damascus, leaving at least a dozen Shia Martyred and more injured.
  2. Swine flu fells 30 in Tehran province
    Swine flu has already claimed the lives of thirty people in the Iranian capital Tehran, an Iranian official has announced.
  3. Ten militants killed in NW Pakistan
    Pakistani security forces have killed at least 10 suspected pro-Taliban militants in operations in the northwestern region of Hangu.
  4. Encyclopedia of “Quran and Shi’ism” to be Published
    An encyclopedia of “Quran and Shi’ism” including Shia points of view about the Quran is being compiled and will be published next year by the Islamic College of London.
  5. 150 Memorize Quran at Bent-ol-Hoda Seminary School in Qom
    Over 150 Quran learners have memorized various parts of the Quran at Martyr Bent-ol-Hoda Seminary School in Qom.
  6. Israel Oks new settlement plan despite moratorium
    In apparent defiance of a recently announced plan for a moratorium on new construction work in the West Bank, Israel has approved expanding settlements there.
  7. Saudi warplanes continue bombing northern Yemen
    Saudi fighter jest have launched another round of aerial bombardment of Houthi positions in northwestern Yemeni province of Sa’ada.

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