News: 01-Dec-09

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  1. Outraged Saudis blast govt after deadly Jeddah flood + Picture of Flood
    A Saudi lawyer said on Saturday he will sue the city of Jeddah, as thousands took to Facebook to blast authorities in a rare burst of open outrage after floods killed more than 100 people in the Red Sea port.
  2. Amnesty International condemns Islamophobic Swiss vote
    Amnesty International has expressed deep regret over the Swiss voters’ approval of a ban on minarets, calling it a violation of religious freedom for Muslims.
  3. Million Shias celebrate Arafat Day in Holy Karbala
    Around one million Iraqi Shias celebrated the Arafat day on Friday evening in Karbala….
  4. ‘S Arabia biggest military spender in Mideast’
    World economic downturn has not affected Saudi Arabia’s military ambitions and the country is still the biggest military spender in the Middle East region.
  5. Brown: Pakistan not tough enough for Al-Qaeda
    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called on Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari to take tougher action against al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.
  6. Court dismisses Mumbai suspect attorney
    The lawyer of the sole surviving gunman of last year’s Mumbai terror attacks has been dismissed over failing to prepare a court document on time.
  7. Egyptian pilgrims protest in Saudi Arabia
    Egyptian pilgrims, forced to sleep on the streets during the annual pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, have demonstrated outside Egypt’s hajj headquarters in Mina.
  8. Switzerland ban on minarets draws worldwide criticism
    Muslims around the globe have condemned Swiss voters’ approval of a ban on minarets as a manifestation of their “hatred of Muslims.”
  9. ‘Saudi jets pour toxic materials on Yemeni civilians’
    Houthi fighters say Saudi forces have intensified their attacks on northern Yemen, using unconventional weapons against civilians in residential areas.
  10. Pakistani army kills 17 militants in new raid
    The Pakistani security forces say they have killed 17 pro-Taliban militants and injured several others in the northwestern Kurram tribal region.

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