News: 20-Nov-09

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  1. IAEA speaks out against fresh sanctions on Iran
    While nuclear negotiations between Iran and the West have yet to yield a final result, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief warns against imposing fresh sanctions on the country.
  2. Houthis release new footage of Saudi blitz
    The Houthi fighters have released new footage, which they say depict Saudi aircraft targeting civilians in northern Yemeni villages near the border.
  3. US bases under mortar attacks in Iraq
    A number of mortar shells have targeted the sprawling US military bases on the outskirts of Tikrit in Iraq’s northern province of Salah al-Din.
  4. US missile strike leaves 10 dead in Waziristan
    A US unmanned drone aircraft has fired several missiles into a Pakistani tribal area bordering Afghanistan, killing at least ten people and injuring several others.

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