News: 11-Nov-09

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  1. Saudi Wahhabis Close Two Shia Mosques in Ras Tanura and Abqaiq
    Saudi authorities closed on the past few days two Shia mosques in Ras Tanura and Abqaiq, Eastern Province, to add to the already seven closed Shia mosques.
  2. Al-Qaida-linked leader’s funny claim: Shias more dangerous than Jews, Christians!
    Al-Qaeda terrorist group without noticing their criminal actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen against humanity has stated Shias threat to Islam and its people is much bigger than that from Jews and Christians!
  3. Saudis to continue attacks on Houthis
    Saudi Arabia has threatened to continue its offensive against Houthi fighters until they move back from the ‘frontier’ between Yemen and the kingdom.
  4. Pakistan– Camp for Martyrs Children
    Each year Shaheed Foundation Pakistan REGD. manages a camp of sacrificial animals for the Martyrs Children.
  5. Saudi and Yemeni airs assault Yemeni Shia civilians + Horrible Picture of Yemeni Shias, Just See And Judge!!
    There is just some pictures of Yemeni Shia civilians, where Saudi and Yemeni forces brutally attacked them. OH MY GOD, Just see and Judge????!!!
  6. Yemen seeks US help to quash Houthis
    The United States has signed a military agreement with Yemen to help the embattled Sana’a government with its armed offensive on Houthi fighters in the north.
  7. Blast in Pakistani town leaves 32 dead
    A car bombing in northwestern Pakistan has killed at least 32 people and inflicted injuries on more than 100, local police say.
  8. S. Korea military on alert after naval clash
    South Korea’s military is on full alert for any retaliatory moves by the North following a brief naval clash in the yellow sea on Tuesday.

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