News: 07-Nov-09

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  1. Saudi jets ‘attack Yemen Shias’ (Updated)
    Saudi aircraft have attacked Shia Movement in northern Yemen following Wednesday’s killing of a Saudi security officer in a border area, reports say.
  2. Sorry for less Muslim massacre! + PIC
    Commander of Bosnian Serb forces in Serbian invasion to Sarajevo in The Hague War Crimes Tribunal commiserate that could kill more Muslims.
  3. Pakistan– People urged to remain peaceful in Muharram
    KOHAT: Urging the Shia-Sunni elders to exercise maximum restraint, the commissioner Kohat division Thursday said the government would take all possible steps to maintain peace in the area.
  4. Continued Saudi air attacks kill 40 Houthis
    More than forty Yemeni Houthi fighters have been killed in the fresh Saudi Arabia’s air attacks on the northern Yemen fighters holding territory in the border region.
  5. 9 militants killed in northwestern Pakistan
    Pakistani security forces say they have killed at least nine militants and arrested four others during search operations in the country’s insurgency-riddled northwest.
  6. Blasts claim three lives, injure scores in Iraq
    Amid increasing concerns about the possibility of having to reschedule the January elections, escalating violence in Iraq claims the lives of dozens of Iraqis.
  7. Two US soldiers missing, Afghan Taliban say have bodies
    HERAT, Afghanistan, (Reuters) – Two U.S. soldiers transporting supplies in Afghanistan were reported missing on Friday and the Taliban said they were holding the bodies of two drowned foreign soldiers.
  8. Yemen Shias say hold Saudi Arabian soldiers
    Yemen’s Shia soldiers have captured an unspecified number of Saudi soldiers, al Houthi spokesman told Al Jazeera television.
  9. Iran refuses to send enriched uranium abroad
    Iran is refusing to send its low-enriched uranium abroad, the influential head of parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee was quoted as saying.
  10. UAE stands by Saudi in defending its territory
    Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan has announced UAE’s support to Saudi Arabia in defending its territories and securing its borders against any attacks.

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