News: 22-Oct-09

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  1. Yemeni jets bomb residential areas: Houthis
    Houthi soldiers say Yemeni war planes have carried out attacks on a number of civilian areas in Saada province.
  2. Shia Cleric on Trial for Incitement Against the State + PIC
    Al-Hassa prominent cleric Shaikh Tawfiq Al-Amer will appear for trial in few days as a result to his call for widening the political participation, eradicate discrimination and offer religious freedom.
  3. Zealots, infidels and victims
    Inside the Kingdom: Kings, Clerics, Modernists, Terrorists, and the Struggle for Saudi Arabia. By Robert Lacey. Viking; 432 pages; $27.95. Hutchinson; £20. Buy from,
  4. Iran Guards calls on Pakistan to allow force to hunt attackers
    A senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander called for permission to allow the force to confront attakers inside the territory of neighbouring Pakistan.
  5. Indian leader: US, Israel behind Blast in Iran
    While condemning the blast in southeastern province of the Islamic Republic of Iran, an Indian leader Monday said: “US and Israel are behind the blast in the country.
  6. Dozens of Uighurs missing since China police crackdown: HRW
    Dozens of members of Uighur minority including children have disappeared for more than three months, HRW said.
  7. North Yemen Shias controls key gov’t positions
    Houthi Shia soldiers in north Yemen on Wednesday said control of a number of key government positions in Razeh district of Saada province, a Yemeni news website reported.
  8. Pakistan to help Iran root out Jundallah Terrorist Group
    Pakistan says it will help the Tehran government locate and arrest the masterminds behind a deadly terrorist attack that killed scores of people in southeastern Iran.
  9. Pakistan:A Shia beheaded body finds in Hangu
    Hangu: 1 Momin Mazhar Ali embraced shahadat.
  10. Dozens killed in fresh Somali clashes
    At least 17 civilians have lost their lives and 58 others received injuries in fresh fire exchange between Somali rebels and African Union (AU) troops.

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