News: 15-Oct-09

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  1. Bahrain court acquits 19 Shias of policeman’s murder
    A Bahraini court yesterday acquitted 19 Shias charged with murdering a policeman..
  2. Pakistan– A Shia Doctor embraced martyrdom in Quetta
    Quetta: Baluchistan Shia Conference’s Ex-Vice President Dr. Aslam Mirza embraced shahadat at 5:00pm…..
  3. Aid workers reach Yemeni refugees
    NEW YORK // UN aid workers have gained access to more than 3,000 displaced Yemenis seeking refuge near the border with Saudi Arabia, describing the people there as in a desperate situation”after fleeing battlefields further south.
  4. Shia Personal Law Board meet to demand quota in Parliament
    LUCKNOW: The annual session of the All India Shia Personal Law Board will be held in New Delhi on October 25, when the community is likely to demand reservation in Parliament and government jobs.
  5. Pakistan police offices attacked
    At least a dozen people have been killed and several others wounded in a series of attacks on security and police centers in Pakistan.
  6. US plans to send Guantanamo inmates to Saudi Arabia
    The United States plans to relocate the bulk of the inmates at its notorious Guantanamo detention facility to Saudi Arabia.
  7. US denies decision on Afghan troop surge
    The White House has denied a BBC report which said US President Barack Obama would approve sending 45,000 more troops to Afghanistan.
  8. Iran car crashes kill 17 in one day
    At least 17 Iranians have been killed and 119 injured in about a hundred car crashes across the country in the past 24 hours.
  9. Militants ambush Pakistan police
    LAHORE – Militants launched a string of attacks on police in Lahore in the Pakistani heartland and in the troubled northwest on Thursday, killing 37 people after a week of violence in which more than 100 people died.
  10. Experts reconstructing damaged Sardab Al-Gheybah (PIC)
    HOLY CITY OF SAMARRA, Iraq: Professional technicians are working to reconstruct the vandalized parts of the holy Mehrab of the Sardab (cellar) of Imam Al-Asr Al-Hojjah Al-Montadhar (AS) in the holy city of Samarra.

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