News: 14-Oct-09

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  1. Albania’s Population 80% Muslim
    A previously unpublished survey, which identifies religious affiliation, suggests that Muslims make up just under 80 per cent of Albania’s population, a figure much higher than previously thought.
  2. The Shia al-Houthi Movement is ready to End the War in Saada
    The Shia of Saada issued a statement on Saturday stating that they are prepared to solve the crisis in Yemen in the form of a national dialogue.
  3. Nobel Peace Prize given to Agents of War
    The Nobel Peace Prize was given to Barack Obama, the president of the United States, because he gave the promise of peace to the world. But, he is considered one of the present day agents of war.
  4. Old Picture of Jannat al-Baqi Unveiled + PIC
    The oldest photos of Jannat al-Baqi cemetery and the Court of Ahlul Bayt (A) unveiled this morning.
  5. Saudi kills two ‘al-Qaeda militants’
    Saudi security forces have reportedly shot dead two suspected al-Qaeda militants carrying explosive vests near the country’s southern border with Yemen.
  6. Yemen’s army bombs clinic on Saudi border
    The Yemeni army has reportedly attacked a local clinic in a rural area near the Saudi border, killing more than a dozen civilians.
  7. Iraq blasts kill 10, wound 14
    Bomb blasts across Iraq have reportedly killed 10 people, including two Iraqi soldiers and a leader of the government-allied Sunni fighters, wounding 14 others.
  8. US mulling Chaosistan plan for Afghanistan
    Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the US commander in Afghanistan, has said that he has received a recommendation advocating a plan called Chaosistan for the war-tron Central Asian nation.
  9. Somali militant commander surrenders
    A senior Hizbul Islam commander, Shuke Abdirahman Odawa, has joined the Somali government after relinquishing his armed opposition.
  10. Israel warns of Hezbollah threat

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