News: 04-Oct-09

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  1. Conference to explore Islamophobia after 9/11
    An international conference will explore Islamophobia after the September 11 terrorist attacks.
  2. Illegal Zionist Regime closes Ibrahimi Mosque to non-Jews
    Israel has closed the Ibrahimi Mosque in al-Khalil (Hebron) to Muslims for two days under the pretext of a Jewish holiday.
  3. Jordanians slam Arab silence over Israeli violation against Al Aqsa Mosque
    Dozens of Jordanians on Saturday took part in a sit-in called for by the Islamic Action Front (IAF) in protest of violating the sanctity of Al Aqsa Mosque as a group of Israeli troops and Jewish radicals broke into the shrine recently.
  4. Lebanon Shia Cleric Happy for Ban on Festival
    Self-styled head of a local gathering of Shiite clergymen in Tyr/south Lebanon Yaseen Shukor,has expressed jubilation at the ban imposed on a Brazilian dance festival due to open in the city tonight.
  5. Malaysia– Donation for construction of new mosque
    A cash donation for the construction of a new mosque was presented yesterday during a handover ceremony held at Dato Marsal Primary School.
  6. Shia soldiers capture another gov’t position
    Yemeni Shia soldiers say they have gained control of another army position in the Northwest as the army offensive against Houthi resistance enters its seventh week.
  7. France wants Muslim Money; not their Hijabs
    Despite the clear opposition that the French government expresses about the hijab and any form of Islamic clothing, they are starting a huge campaign to attract millions of dollars from Muslim businessmen. Paris will be transformed into a center for Muslim investment.

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