News: 29-Sep-09

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  1. Philippine flood death toll rises to 240
    The death toll from the disastrous flood in the Philippines has hiked to 240, as officials are facing an insurmountable number of victims in evacuation centers.
  2. Seven killed in Iraq bomb attacks
    At least seven people, including two security officers, have been killed and dozens of others wounded in a spate of bombings attacks in violence-plagued Iraq.
  3. Muslims condemn Israel’s al-Aqsa break-in
    Palestinian factions have joined the Islamic Conference Organization to condemn the Israeli troops’ breaking into the al-Aqsa mosque.
  4. Tajikistan bans beards for teachers under 50
    Tajikistan has banned school and university teachers under the age of 50 from wearing beards and limited the beard length for older education staff.
  5. Tajikistan to Build World’s Largest Mosque
    Tajikistan is planning to build the world’s largest mosque by 2014 with help from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a presidential spokesman said on Monday.
  6. “Gunmen” kill 4 Muslims, Thai police say
    “Gunmen” killed four Muslims in two separate shootings, police said, bringing the death toll from violence to 10 since last week.
  7. Civilians die in Afghan bus bombing
    At least twelve civilians have been killed when a bus hit a roadside bomb in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar.
  8. 600 Chinese nationals embrace Islam in holy Mecca
    Over 600 Chinese nationals working on the Haramain Rail project have embraced Islam in a recent ceremony in holy Mecca.
  9. Pakistani Shia-Sunni Observes anniversary of the demolition of the Jannatul Baqee
    Scholars, groups and supporters of the Shia and Sunni faiths observed Condemnation Day on Monday to mark the anniversary of the demolition of the holy shrines and graves of the wives and companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Madinah’s Jannatul Baqee graveyard in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  10. India– Protest of Jannatul Baqee Demolition in Malad, Mumbai
    There was a procession protesting the demolition of Jannatul Baqee by Muslims at Malad Malony on last Sunday evening. There was a huge turnout. Speaker after speaker gave a very lively speech venting their ire on the Saudi regime who is preventing to re-build a Rauza at Jannatul Baqee graveyard in Madina which was razed by the Wahhabis in 1925.

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