News: 27-Sep-09

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  1. Jannat al-Baqee Protest in Washington DC
    Mass Protest Against Saudi Cultural Vandalism to Be Held 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, September 28, 2009 at Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Washington, DC
  2. Clashes at Al-Aqsa after extremists break in
    Fierce confrontations erupted in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem on Sunday morning between Palestinian Muslims and Israeli police and settlers breaking into the area, witnesses said.
  3. Hundreds of Israeli settlers desecrate Ishaq’s tomb in the Ibrahimi Mosque
    Close to 150 fanatic Israeli settlers have stormed Friday the Muslim sacred Ibrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil city, south of the West Bank, and desecrated the tomb of Prophet Ishaq peace be upon him, local Palestinian sources confirmed.
  4. US, Arab Wahhabis support Yemeni crackdown on Shias
    The US and extremist Wahhabis from Arab states have expressed their ‘full support’ to the Yemeni government in its offensive against local Shias.
  5. Pakistan nabs 5 over bombing Shia mosques
    Pakistani security forces have arrested five suspected militants on suspicion of involvement in deadly bombings of Shia mosques.
  6. Three French soldiers killed in Afghanistan
    Three French soldiers serving under ISAF command in Afghanistan have reportedly been killed in Afghanistan, an official statement reveals.
  7. UN: 1,500 Afghan civilians dead in 8 months
    A United Nations report has noted that a total of 1,500 civilians have lost their lives in insurgency-hit Afghanistan from the beginning of the year to August.
  8. Twin bombings kill 24, wound 150 in Pakistan
    Pro-Taliban militants apparently targeting Pakistani security forces have left 24 people dead and have wounded about 150 others in the country’s troubled northwest.
  9. China against further sanctions on Iran
    Prior to the planned October talks with Tehran, China expresses opposition with imposing new sanctions on Iran in order to force it to abandon its nuclear program.
  10. US drone hits political party’s office in Iraq
    A US reconnaissance drone has crashed into the office of one of Iraq’s biggest political parties, the US military has said.

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